Tuesday, December 04, 2012


 O joy! Mr Life has mended my computer. Whew.

Today's giftie from Daughter 2.

"Dight" said Grandson appreciatively. Well, decorations for the dight, yes, Grandson.

These are ours to her - yesterday's...

... and today's. Somewhat inferior, I fear.

Here's the lad playing with the very splendid train given to him by Thimbleanna. He really likes it but today for the first time he got slightly cross with it. If he pulls it forward, it's fine but if he pushes it backwards, the carriages sometimes get unhooked and he becomes instantly distraught. Fortunately I'm by his side to rush to his aid and he equally quickly becomes delighted again: WAIL! - beam. Ah, the trials of being one.

PS - comment by Daughter 1 re the penguins:

The shop I bought the penguins from was Indish in Crouch End, London - http://www.indish.co.uk/. But I've had a look on their website and I don't think they have the penguins up.

However, I did find them for sale here:


  1. So glad the computer has been revived! I understand the feeling of being without. Mine had been sent into a deep sleep while my husband was away on business. Frustrating! So glad to see your photos, as always! :)

  2. Anonymous12:32 am

    Wait... "Dight"???

    And I'd just got used to them being "Gaaaaah"s

    So hard to keep up sometimes...

    Still reading avidly,

    Thinking of you,

    Clarissa :)

  3. Yay! The computer is back up. I'm so glad Perfect Grandson loves the little train. I think they designed it to come apart when it backs up so they can learn patience. LOL -- I just made that up -- it sounds good. Sorry!

  4. Whiskers9:24 pm

    Many thanks for response to my penguin query - please pass on thanks to daughter too (she has excellent taste!) These will make a wonderful addition to the Christmas stocking.