Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snippets from the day

Today's present from Daughter 2: Galaxy with toffee filling. Delicious. And a tree in the calendar.

Ours to her: duck paperclips. "Maybe not suitable for the office," I said. "Very suitable," she said. So, of our little presents to her: black cat highlighters, office-suitable. Santa pen, not. Duck paper clips, yes.

Grandson had been giving me a cheery - indeed, a cheesy (camera-suitable) - smile but it had faded by the time my phone actually took the picture. Perhaps my usual Christmas decoration of little glass trees in a heavy glass dish is going to have to be moved. He really liked them, though.

He likes books. Which is good. I hope it lasts.

I've made a little family picture gallery on the fridge, which he looks at while he has his lunch. "Nan!" he said enthusiastically today, looking at the photo with his Worcester grandmother, aka Nanny.

This is the freezer. It has: a fridge magnet saying There is no such thing as a cat owner; a tiny photo of our three as small children; a scan of Volume 2 (due at the end of February - how exciting); a picture of a jumping mouse which Grandson loves (he says "Aiiiiiii!" whenever he sees it - his version of "Eeeeeee!", which is what we consider mice to say); and the carol I'm supposed to know off by heart for the carol concert on Saturday. I think I do, now.

Aren't they cute? (Nostalgic sigh.)


  1. So, obviously, daughter's office is suitable for animals, not more people.

  2. I have some of those glass trees . When I bought them many years ago, I put one in some of the Xmas cards that I sent that year...... kept 5 for myself, and they always adorn the front of a shelf in the kitchen at Christmas time.

  3. Anonymous7:20 pm

    I love the advent calendar - I've never seen one like that.