Friday, December 21, 2012

Chocolate and robins and such like

This is becoming a bit like those folded-over games we used to play - what were they called? Consequences? Anyway - she gave him... he gave her... their children were called... sort of thing. Today Daughter 2 gave us a felt robin - very nice, though after its incarceration in paper it looked rather like a bright hedgehog. It has since unfurled its wings somewhat.

And we gave her a chocolate teddy and snowman.

She's currently rolling northwards on a train - at Doncaster when she last texted. Soon she'll be in Scotland. My brother and his family will set out tomorrow morning and be with us in the early evening, as will Son and Daughter-in-Law, though unfortunately I shall be at my choir carol concert (bother).

I had a nice lunch with my ex-department today. It was lovely to see them all and hear their news. It was also very good to know that none of the travails of the college merger that's happened since I retired would affect me - though I'm sorry that it's all affecting them. Pudding was a very delicious chocolate pot. It was so rich that I knew I wouldn't be able to finish it, but kept taking just one more teaspoonful. And then another. And ... oops, it was finished. I'm still full at nearly 10 at night.

Will not witter on. You have things to do. So do I.

PS It had indeed occurred to me, as suggested in the comments, that I might predecease Mr Life. But I would worry even more about leaving him all alone so it wasn't really a very cheering thought. Anyway, neither of us is planning to conk out yet. And now I'm really off.


  1. I bet that meeting with your ex-department made you glad to be retired!

  2. You do bring back some memories for me! Strange to think that here on the other side of the world, one of our favourite party games (when I was a kid in the 50's) was Consequences. I have since introduced it to numerous friends and groups, and none of them had heard of it before I explained it.
    Fancy your daughter going through Doncaster...another coincidence: Doncaster is a suburb in Melbourne, just five minutes from where I am!