Saturday, April 25, 2020

Lockdown week 5 - Saturday

We walked on Carrick Knowe golf course today, which is smaller and more populated than Murrayfield - but still fairly empty. The trees are leafing up more and more every time we go outside.

It was another beautiful day. How lovely it would be to walk by the sea or visit a stately home or go to the Botanics.

I love the variation of leaves.

Towards the end, we walked beside the tram and railway lines, with the Castle in the distance.

And the allotments, where things are also getting going.

This is Jenners Depository - the only time I've ever seen this word. Jenners was a high-class, family-owned shop in Princes Street but about 10, maybe 15 years ago it was bought by a chain. Then it was on the point of being put up for sale when everything stopped. This rather ugly building, very unScottish in its red bricks, has been a storage facility for many years for people moving house or those who just have too much stuff. I have a lot of stuff but at the point that I can't fit it in our house, I think it would be a sign to declutter. 

An empty tram at the tram stop was passed by an empty train. It's all very depressing.

Still, the garden's pretty.

2.75 miles today. But I also potted up cuttings and made some progress with Littlest Grandson's quilt.


  1. Your garden is looking lovely. Take Care .

  2. I love the mix of colors in your garden. I think I have that same color tulip, but that particular type is finished blooming. Some of the Rembrandts (the red/yellow ones) are still going strong. Compared to the hideousness of storage units here, that one is very attractive. I feel the same way you do; if I need extra storage, it's time to get rid of a bunch of stuff.

  3. Ooooh, I remember passing that Jenners building when we took the train from Edinburgh to Aberdeen on our last visit -- I even remember thinking "this isn't that far from where Pam lives" LOL. Your garden is beautiful! I never see forget-me-nots here -- I'm wondering if they don't like our soil. Or climate. Or something. XO