Thursday, April 30, 2020

Lockdown week 6 - Thursday

It's been a very dry April but this morning we had a little bit of much-needed rain. As we left for our walk, I looked at the leaves on this lupin and remembered how, as a little girl, I loved playing with raindrops on lupins (there's a song there...) and making them all funnel down to the centre, where they shone like jewels. (There weren't many children to play with near us and I spent a lot of time - in my memory - mooching happily round the garden.)

We thought we should make the most of our opportunities to roam on the hilly golf courses before they're opened up again to players, so we made our way there. I shall really miss the wide spaces and the views. But at least we'll still be able to walk on the rest of the hill.

One of the Pentland Hills had a cloud sitting on it.

Here, Arthur's Seat is in sunshine, while the rest of the city centre is under a cloud. You can hardly see it in this photo above, but our eyes could see that the sunlight is shining on the gorse bushes on the hillside, which makes it particularly yellow.

Gorse smells delicious, rather like vanilla. I wouldn't team that yellow and that cherry blossom pink together in a colour scheme, but it's just about acceptable in spring flowers.

We wandered happily about

and then walked back through the gate, across the other half of the course and downhill, home again. About three miles today.

I spent most of the rest of the day finishing Small Grandson's quilt top and the back, which I had to piece together since I didn't have quite enough of one fabric. Tomorrow I shall have a go at making at least one mask - though I'm running dangerously low on thread and have no elastic. We've ordered some of both over the internet but it looks as if it might take some days to arrive.

I'm feeling slightly more cheerful today, I suppose because of the pleasure in finishing the quilt top. I do enjoy picking fabrics and combining them in what seems to me a pleasing way. It doesn't make for a tidy house, though. But tomorrow is house-cleaning day. Not such fun... .


  1. That's a beautiful photo of Arthur's Seat! Our golf courses are opening up too, as well as hunting and fishing. (none of which I'm interested in) I'm glad you made progress on the quilt and can't wait to eventually see it. Do you have a specific house cleaning day? Mine used to be Friday, but now it's very random and usually when John is coming over or when I was hosting Book Club. :)

  2. Thank you for another lovely walk. Good that you have had a better day.
    The gorse has been amazing in the New Forest this year.

  3. Enjoying your photos--was in Edinburgh in January. Seems a lifetime ago.

    Just a suggestion for the mask, if you have any single fold bias tape, you could fold in half, stitch it down and then cup 4 lengths of approximately 12" (31cm) each to use for ties in the place of elastic. A non-slippery ribbon like grosgrain would also work. Guess it depends on what is in the stash. Good luck.

  4. When you mentioned pink and yellow together in a quilt, it made me think of an older quilt pattern that I always loved which you can see if you google "pink lemonade quilt book". (I was going to put the link, but sometimes comments get blocked if they have links in them.) Anyway, I've seen some pink and yellow quilts that are pretty. Good Luck with your masks!