Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Lockdown week 6 - Wednesday

I'm struggling a bit today. I'm enjoying sewing together little strippy bits for the border of Small Grandson's quilt, but last night a friend who's a serious sewer emailed to ask if I would make face masks for... I'm not entirely sure. A GP, I think, and a piano teacher (?). My friend has a theatrical costume degree and is very skilled, and at the moment is making gowns and scrubs and scrubs bags for this GP friend, so I feel like a total heel because I really don't want to make masks. Partly because I don't feel I'd make a very good job of them, partly because I don't want to use up nice fabric on them but mainly because it seems a stupid use of my (valuable...) time, when a factory could whizz them out very quickly, while I would take a long time and, I assume, produce something that didn't work very well. However, she's guilt-tripped me into saying I'll try a few.

What I want to be doing - or at least, want as far as present circumstances allow - is making my quilts. I can't show them on the blog because my friend (the one for whom I'm making two quilts out of her deceased husband's shirts) occasionally looks at the blog and she doesn't want to see the quilts before they're finished. Currently I've got quite far through quilting the one for her, have finished the top of the one for her son and am a fair way through the top of Small Grandson's one. And it's very time-consuming (in a good way) and I want to get them all handed over and start on the next one(s). Yes, I am a bit obsessed. But I love planning the colours and the design (well, pinching the design from some picture or other and then altering it a bit). Quite seriously, it comforts me and has kept my spirits up over the last few years, when there have been lots of good things but also much sadness of various kinds - just the normal ones that come into most people's lives.

Anyway, shouldn't moan. I'll have a go tomorrow. (My other problem is that I'm on to my last reel of thread and have no elastic; but I imagine Mr Google could sort me out.)

Mr L spent quite a long time this morning wrestling with a computer problem so neither of us felt at our cheeriest. We just went for a walk on Carrick Knowe golf course, which is fairly flat and easy. It's bonny, though, with the cherry trees and open spaces.

You can see that the prevailing wind is from the west. It looks here as if the golf course just gives on to the hills behind, but sadly there's a lot of suburb in between.

According to a friend on Facebook, the golf courses are about to be opened again to golfers. Oh woe! This seems very sensible, actually, since how much could you get infected in such open spaces? But oh dear, how we'll miss our lovely walks on them.

The former Jenners Depository, though not my favourite building, has someone working in it who plants flowers: tulips in the spring and what looks like mixed annuals in the summer. Very colourful and to be applauded.

I've just looked it up and it's a listed building, about 90 years old, and was designed "so that horses and carts could move around". Does that mean inside, I wonder? It's unusual to have bare red brick in Scotland - that's much more an English style, though I can think of one or two other big public buildings like this, one a (now demolished) power station and the other a college, now flats.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day (starting in five minutes) and maybe I'll feel more positive then.


  1. We're all trying to stay positive, but it's difficult. More like impossible 100% of the time. It sounds like Mr L and you both had frustrating days. I'm glad you have the quilting to keep you happy! John and I watched a Rick Steves episode about some Scottish islands, and one of them was Iona. I saw familiar places, and shots of Oban, where we stayed for a couple nights. It was very exciting! John thought it was beautiful there.

  2. Lovely colors in the border for your grandson's quilt....And I applaud the border of tulips. You should not feel guilty about not wanting to make masks. Though good for you for making a few. Some things are too complicated these days.

  3. Awww, I got THE biggest smile and even a little bit teary when I read what you really want to be doing is make quilts. They tug at you, don't they? I get a little distressed sometimes when I look through all my quilt books and online and I realize I wouldn't be able to make all the quilts that I want to in a hundred lifetimes. And I feel your pain with the masks. I made a few but didn't really enjoy it, so I went back to piecing a wedding quilt for my niece (which I can't show any time soon, cause it's a surprise.) XO

  4. I have made a few masks too, and felt much the same as you. Fortunately, my masks ended up with family, and the request I had for making them for my D-i-L's dental clinic fell through (they have enough regulation ones), and my husband paid a friend to make masks for his work location. Lucky break for me.